Best Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2022: Promotion at its Best

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2022: Promotion at its Best

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2022: Promotion at its Best

November is halfway gone and a new year is approaching us. A new year means we marketers have to come up with a new strategy to up our game.

Social media platforms are the most active platforms that businesses should focus on. Most of the sales come from these platforms. But due to intense competition, it is hard to get a share of those sales.

So here are some social media marketing strategies. We are sure that these strategies will help you get the most sales out of all social media platforms.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

So here are some basic social media marketing strategies for boosting your business’s social media performance.

They may sound too simple, but they can deliver a long-lasting effect.

Set goals and KPIs

The first thing everyone should do about anything is to set goals. So as a business owner, your goal should define how many reaches and customer engagement you are expecting from the social media platform.

If you have any other goals in mind, then feel free to include them in the list.

The most important part of this strategy is to set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). You should monitor your performance through some social media metrics that truly matter.

These factors could be Reach, Hashtag performance, Clicks, and Engagement.

If you monitor your performance through these metrics, you will easily understand where you are falling short. Then you can work on that area for improvement.

For example, if your hashtag performance is showing poor numbers, you can start improving the number by generating more compelling hashtags on your posts.

If your reach is poor, then you may improve it by changing the time of your content posting.

Every problem has its solution. To get to a solution, you must identify the problem first. Setting KPI metrics will help you in identifying those problems.

Research your target audiences thoroughly

Whatever your goals are, you should pick a target audience. Charging aimlessly in social media marketing will do you no good.

So, take as much time as you need to research all demographic customers and pick a target audience. Also, research your market plan for the selected audience to see whether it will be successful or not.

Use data science for evaluating marketing strategies

Data science is the best way to evaluate marketing strategies. As for the new year, we highly encourage you to get a data scientist involved with your business.

They can evaluate all your marketing strategies to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It is also possible to simulate data science to test strategies. This will give you an upper hand in fixing all loose ends in your strategy before implementing them.

You can also use data science to gain market insight to develop plans for your business. Market leaders are already using data science regularly. So, you should start this practice in 2022.

Use live videos for boosting brand awareness

You may have seen this trend rising already. Live video is one of the best ways of building customer trust on social media platforms.

Research shows that 55% of shoppers want video content when they are shopping. So if you post video content on your social media page, your targeted customers will build trust toward your brand.

Video posting of the products is effective, but live videos of them can do more engagement. The best part about live videos is that your customers can engage with you live through comments.

So when you are doing a certain product review on a live video, a customer can ask questions about it in the comments. Then you can immediately answer them. This will surely improve your business’s social media performance.

Use short video ads for promotion

One of the most popular ways of promoting products and businesses on social media is with video ads.

Video ads can be placed between social media video content or in other places on the platform. You can choose where to place your video ads. However, you should be careful about how you will design the ads.

The first thing to consider is the length of the video. Our suggestion is to keep it 6 seconds, or less than 10 seconds. That’s it. Don’t bother making it any longer.

One more thing to consider is the sound. Customers dislike videos that start blasting music without any warning. So try to keep the sound of your video low, or don’t include any sound at all. That will leave a positive impression on your customers.

Promote content at the best time

You may have been doing this already. Promoting your content at the right time can ensure the highest reach. But what is the right time?

That depends on your target customers and your geographical location. But in most cases, the recommended time for promotion is late evening.

You will need to do some research and have customer insight knowledge to find out the best time for your target group of customers.

Promote User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is an excellent way of improving your social media marketing. What is UGC? When a customer reviews and talks positively about the products of a brand and promotes them on social media, that is what is called user-generated content.

User-generated contents are great for building trust among other consumers. Because they are hearing good things about your product from someone who has used your product.

We highly encourage you to prepare plans for generating UGC for your business in 2022. How can you do that? For example, prepare a competition that requires the contestants to submit UGC about your product. Also, plan some giveaway campaigns for promoting UGC.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

Work with micro-influencers in social media

If you are looking forward to working with social media influencers, we suggest you start with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are those that have a follower base ranging from 5000 to 50,000. 

Why should you go with micro-influencers? Because they have a niche audience. Having a certain niche audience is perfect for you to implement your social media marketing.

Just make sure that the niche of the micro-influencer matches the niche of your business. Otherwise, it will return 0 results.

But if you want to work with big influencers, then you can go ahead and do that as well.

Engage your business with consumers in every way

The ones that are most active in the social media platform get the most responses. So, you should always do your best to engage with your customers as quickly as possible.

How can you do that? You can start by joining relative community groups on social media platforms. You can also start by responding to every comment, feedback, and shout-outs from your customers.

Don’t let the customers feel that your brand is out of touch. Make your presence known 24/7 and interact with the customers all the time.


So these are the best social media marketing strategies you can implement in the upcoming year 2022. Make sure that you do all the research and implementation properly. Do not shy away from investing. It won’t be long before your chosen strategy will bring good fortune.