How to place orders on a SMM panel in 2023

How to place orders on a SMM panel in 2023

How to order SMM Services in 2023

SMM panels are used by thousands of people and they have many services for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and much more

Here I will explain how you can place an order on an SMM panel in just 3 simple steps

1. Firstly, You need to go to the Sign-up page and create an account that you will use to place orders

2. Secondly,Go to the add funds page to add money to your account, money which later will be used to buy those SMM services you wish to order

3. Go to the “new order” page to place your order. Select the category and the service, enter your link where you wish to receive the SMM services such as followers likes and much more. At last, enter the amount which you want to receive such as 500 followers

These are the simple steps that you can follow to order from with ease

Now here are some tips that you should also follow:

  1. Always make sure to enter the correct link or whatever the service asks you to enter to receive our service. For example, if you are ordering followers for Instagram then 99% of the time you need to enter your profile link such as and for likes, comments and views you need to enter a post link such as 

2. All links must start with https:// or sometimes it can cause issues

3. Always read the service descriptions to make sure you order the service correctly, if the service has to be ordered differently then it will be mentioned in the service description.

4. All orders on our website are 100% final and we cannot edit or cancel any orders on request. Once an order is placed it is sent to our botting servers via API and this action cannot be reversed even if you have placed an order incorrectly or on the wrong link/service.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for making an effort to place orders on our panel correctly, If you have any questions you can create a support ticket on our website after you are logged in from here