What is a Child panel?

What is a Child panel?

What is a Child Panel?

A child panel is a SMM panel which has its API connected to AnotherSocialPanel, so whenever there is an order it will be sent to your account connected to the AnotherSocialPanel API. You can resell our services and earn thousands if done correctly.

Can I set the profit level on services?

Yes, You can edit each and every service/ add or remove any service that you want. Bulk profit level options are there. It's not recommended to change the service description as they may contain instructions for some services.

What payment methods are there on the panel for my buyers?

Stripe ( normal onsite version, not 3ds) and Paypal are enabled for the panel for free, if you need any other options then it will cost $60 for each

Where will the money which my buyers send go?

The funds which your buyers send you go to your accounts on whichever payment method you have sent up, if you have set up coinbase then funds will go there to your account.

What do you need from me?

We need an email which will be tried to the admin account and the API key  of your AnotherSocialPanel account. Additional API keys may be needed according to the payment methods you have on your panel for the initial setup.

Do I need to complete every customer order myself?

No, All orders placed on a child panel are sent to us on AnotherSocialPanel and we will complete them. They will be placed using your AnotherSocialPanel balance on your account.