YouTube Promotion Strategies to Follow in 2022

YouTube Promotion Strategies to Follow in 2022

YouTube Promotion Strategies to Follow in 2022

Establishing a YouTube channel is not an easy task anymore. In 2022, the competition is sky-high. It would be best if you had an integrated promotion strategy. You need to choose themes for videos, set goals, and correctly market the company on the new channel. The YouTube market is a bit difficult to penetrate. 

Unlike most social media platforms, you can only host video materials here. Thus you have to plan the video, film it, edit it, advertise it, and analyze the content on a regular basis. You also need to choose your brand's objectives and create a strategy for maximum outreach. Only then will you be able to develop engaging content for your followers. We are here to guide you through the strategy-making procedure.

The White Space Analysis 

The concept of white space is the process of determining what your YouTube competitors are doing in order to do something different. Observing the competition helps you make a strong stand in the market. Begin by looking for other YouTube channels that are similar to yours using free web tools such as Channel Crawler to find channels based on subjects and subtopics, subscribers, and other useful criteria. A white space examination is usually focused on quality and pricing. In the case of YouTube, white space might be defined as:

  • Duration and type of video
  • Production volume
  • Amount of views and format 
  • Amount of comments and their format
  • The quantity of work produced 
  • The number of likes received

Remember to observe these factors to assess the competition closely. Eliminating competition is the first thing you need to make room for your channel. 

Top 6 strategies for YouTube promotion in 2022

Live Streaming

The practice of transmitting a live event online, known as live streaming, is gradually displacing television broadcasts. According to a 2019 survey, live video streaming has increased by 93% year over year, with an average watching time of 26.4 minutes on average.

YouTube understands how convenient streaming live is for users, which is why they developed Live. Their live streaming feature is a major aspect of their business strategy. Because planning a live stream session can be time-consuming, perform a private stream inside YouTube Studio to test your equipment, camera framing, internet connection, and audio quality.

Remember to check the live chat and comments during the live stream to interact with your audience. Your viewers will be able to witness the whole live conversation and get any answers to those questions when the live broadcast concludes, and your video goes live on your channel.

Custom Thumbnail

Custom thumbnail pictures are used in 90% of the most popular YouTube videos. To that end, you will need a little ingenuity to make this strategy work for you. The days of clickbait-style surprised looks are long gone.

Switching out customized thumbnails is an approach you can use without affecting your YouTube strategy, so play around with thumbnail pictures regardless of where this roadmap leads you.

YouTube Shorts

With 850 million downloads in 2020, TikTok was the most popular app on the planet. With 281 million downloads, Snapchat, one of its primary competitors, came in the sixth position on the list. 

YouTube Shorts was created to get a network of producers. Shorts, like their rivals, allow content makers to clip together various video parts utilizing a variety of music tracks and subtitles. Rather than the conventional YouTube video search bar, Shorts provides users with an algorithmically created stream of videos from their favorite producers. Better still, use YouTube's music library and hashtags to convert your present and future videos to this new style.

Upgraded content creation

YouTube is always evolving, releasing new features that allow creators to connect with their fans in new and exciting ways. Creators can use chapters to divide their films into sections, each with its own name so that viewers can skip to the portions they want to see by clicking on the video progress bar. In contrast, premieres allow producers to post a new pre-recorded video while also interacting with their audience in real-time through live comments, similar to a live streaming experience.

Engagement in Community

Proper communication is the heart of digital media. Users could contact authors via likes, dislikes, and shares till recently. YouTube has never offered creators the ability to interact with their audience outside of their videos, descriptions, or comments for whatever reason.

However, very recently, YouTube has established a "Community" page where producers with over 1,000 followers may participate via polls, text, photos, video, and GIFs. The Community tab is where content creators may update their audiences on the latest news, ask them intriguing questions, some of which may help them with their content development efforts. In this way, the Community establishes a simple communication interface like a Facebook page. You should make good use of these opportunities to come up with better content. 

Use Google-friendly Keywords

A great way to improve the reach of your YouTube channel is to use Google-friendly keywords in the mix. It has to be noted that Youtube uses the same mechanism as Google to rank the videos and display them.

While there is no exact way to choose your keywords, SEO-friendly keywords are also preferable. In addition, you can choose to reverse engineer the data from sample videos and check what keywords your rivals are using. Remember, the more precise keywords you are using, the more YouTube will be recommending your videos to audiences.

Gripping Titles

It doesn’t matter if your videos aren’t popular yet. It doesn't matter if you are still working on your first video. If you want to capture more views, you need to have a clickbait title, which will be the hook that will draw audiences. Titles serve as the best first impression on the viewers. 

If it is one of the same old boring titles that are used countless times, the audience will ignore your video and move on. If it is attractive enough to instill a sudden curiosity or interest in the viewer’s minds, they will stay to watch the video till it ends. You could also use hyperboles and exaggerations on the titles like most professional YouTube giants.     

Have a consistent record

There are many small-time YouTubers, who could have made a fortune from YouTube if only they had posted videos regularly. If you want to promote your videos, it is important that you remain consistent. Try to stream or post videos at regular intervals. If you want to, you can post videos once a week or twice a week- nobody is going to judge you for it. 

As long as you follow a consistent routine of uploading videos, your viewers will have something to look forward to since they will know when to expect the next video. 

YouTube Advertising

While YouTube Ads are not quite new, marketers should continue to employ them. Till recently, Facebook was the most popular site for video ads, but as marketers report stricter regulations, many are shifting their expenditures to YouTube. It is not a question of weaker advertising policies. This is not something Google is recognized for.

Consumers are 84 percent more likely to notice YouTube mobile commercials than they are to notice TV ads. Intent-targeted YouTube advertisements have a 100 percent greater purchase intent lift and a 32 percent higher ad recall lift than demographic-targeted commercials. 


YouTube has long been a source of enjoyable entertainment, but it's now establishing itself as a crucial marketing tool. In fact, YouTube is used by more than half of all advertisers (55%) as part of their marketing plan. However, the proper promotion for such a platform requires a smart marketing strategy. You can follow the above-mentioned strategies to elevate the followers of your YouTube channel. Good luck!